How to give

Defrosting Method

-Thaw in the refrigerator at least one day before serving.

-If you do not have time to thaw in the refrigerator, it is possible to thaw quickly by boiling in hot or cold water, but the flavor and nutrients may be affected.

Storage Method

-Store in a freezer (below -18°C) for a long time before opening the package.

-If freezer space is limited, the product can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days before opening.

-If you have limited space in your freezer, you can store the food in the refrigerator for up to 7 days before opening the package.

Feeding Instructions

-Cut the zipper along the cut line by hand, open the zipper, and feed the recommended amount of food.

Please check the recommended amount on the "Buddy FOOD" My Page.

-Warming the food to human body temperature will make it taste even better.

-Example of warming up: (1) Warm water to about 40 degrees Celsius.

(1) 5 to 10 minutes in lukewarm water of about 40 degrees Celsius, etc.

(2) Microwave at 500W for about 20 seconds (When microwaving, be sure to transfer the food to another container.

(When warming food in a microwave oven, be sure to transfer it to another container.

How to switch from dry food

We recommend that you switch slowly while carefully checking the appetite, vomiting, stools (diarrhea, soft stools, etc.), and any other changes in physical condition.

*If your pet is too listless, has bloody stools, severe diarrhea or vomiting, or refuses to eat any food, there is a possibility that the food switch is not the cause. Please visit a veterinary clinic as soon as possible.

The following are guidelines for switching to Buddy FOOD.

If the food is indigestible or the stools are loose, please switch at a slower pace.

Day 1 - Day 4

Starting phase: 10% to 50% Buddy FOOD.

On the first day, increase the percentage of Buddy FOOD gradually, aiming for 10% Buddy FOOD on the first day and half Buddy FOOD on the fourth day.

Fifth to sixth day

Switching phase: 60% to 90% Buddy FOOD.

Gradually increase the percentage of Buddy FOOD and switch to mainly Buddy FOOD.

Day 7: Switching is complete!

From this day, the ratio is 100% Buddy FOOD.

After switching to Buddy FOOD, we recommend that you weigh your dog regularly and update the information on the Buddy FOOD My Page whenever there is a change in weight. You can adjust the amount of food more appropriately.

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