What is Buddy FOOD?

Development Background

Development background

A "truly safe food" for your dog

Conventional dog foods are designed to be more convenient for humans than happy for dogs. In order to preserve food for a long period of time, water content is reduced to the limit, preservatives are added, flavors are added to compensate for the loss of flavor due to processing, and ingredients that dogs would not normally eat are used. Furthermore, dog food is legally treated as a general merchandise, not a food, and is not subject to the same level of information disclosure and hygienic standards as human food. As a result, it is clearly inferior to our human food in terms of quality, safety, and transparency.

Buddy Food's goal is quite simple.

We want to provide "truly safe food" to our beloved dogs, our precious family members. Buddy FOOD uses the same ingredients as human food and is prepared under the same safety and hygiene standards as human food to ensure a high level of security and safety. In addition, under the supervision of a veterinarian specializing in nutrition, Buddy FOOD meets the nutritional balance necessary to maintain the health of your dog in accordance with the latest international nutritional standards. Furthermore, we have ensured transparency by disclosing information on all raw material suppliers and manufacturing processes included in the meals.

Customization based on your dog's information


deliver freshly

meals supervised by veterinarians and pet nutritionists
according to your dog's age, weight, and health status

directly to your home


How the order process works

  • STEP. 1

    Enter your dog's information for diagnosis

  • STEP. 2

    Confirmation of recommended food and feeding amount

  • STEP. 3

    Register and purchase

  • STEP. 4

    cooked rice is delivered to
    your doorstep.

  • STEP. 5

    Subscription customers receive a
    confirmation email each
    time they purchase, with the

    option to customize their


  • STEP. 6

    If you have any questions, please
    fill out the consultation mail form


Buddy Food's Commitment

  • Commitment 1: Commitment to safety
    • All ingredients, including meat, fish, vegetables, and supplements, are human-grade
    • All ingredients, including meat, fish, and vegetables, are domestically produced, mainly in Kyushu.
    • Manufactured under the exact same safety and hygiene standards as human food
    • The manufacturing process complies with HACCP, the safety and hygiene standards for human food production.

  • Attention to detail (2): Attention to nutritional composition
    • Compliant with the latest edition (2016) of AAFCO, the global canine nutrition standard
    • Recipes are designed under the supervision of a veterinarian specializing in nutrition
    • All recipes are analyzed after design and confirmed to meet AAFCO 2016 standards

    • Supplemented with vitamins and minerals available in the human diet to compensate for
      essential nutrients that cannot be provided by natural ingredients alone and for
      nutrient deficiencies
      due to seasonal variations
    • No additives of any kind, including preservatives and flavors, other than vitamins and minerals

  • Commitment 3: Commitment to transparency
    • All suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials used are identified and disclosed.
    • Compliance with food labeling standards required for human foods
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