Veterinarian's Voice

Veterinarian, Pet Nutritionist
Yuu Iwakiri
After graduating from Azabu University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Iwakiri worked at a veterinary hospital and for a major manufacturer of therapeutic food before establishing DC one dish.

The era of "owning" a dog has changed to the era of "living" with a beloved dog, and the awareness of animal food has also changed dramatically. The origin of pet food is how inexpensive, efficient, and healthy it is to raise dogs. Pet food, which is legally treated as a commodity, is unfortunately very far removed from human food, and the sad reality is that families who are concerned about this are weaning themselves from pet food and providing a diet that is not based on nutritional evidence, creating health problems for their dogs. As a veterinarian involved in nutrition, I believe it is our mission to establish a "new animal food field" that is nutritionally based, transparent, and sustainable. Fresh food is a new step forward in the field of animal food, and we hope that Buddy FOOD will help you and your family enjoy a safe and healthy diet.

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