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Buddy FOOD 01 Kuroge Wagyu Beef, a new Buddy FOOD recipe using luxurious Kuroge Wagyu beef from Southern Kyushu, went on sale today, January 28, 2022.

Buddy FOOD #01 Black Beef is designed as an all-purpose recipe with a well-balanced rice and energy content.
Based on the latest 2016 edition of the AAFCO international nutritional standards, it is designed, like all Buddy FOOD products, to meet the nutritional needs of maintenance dogs (all healthy dogs that have completed their growth phase, generally after the age of one).
Beef is sourced exclusively from Japanese black beef raised by Mori Farm Co. in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. The company is well known for the high quality of its beef, which has been selected as the Grand Champion at the 23rd, 24th, and 25th Kagoshima Black Beef Production Area Advertising and Sales Meetings, thanks to its careful attention to the feed the cattle eat and the way they are raised.
An interview with Moriya and Mori Farm is available on the Buddy FOOD website: https:

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