Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Shiori Aoki
Will Animal Clinic (
Hamura, Tokyo)

I have been studying Chinese medicine as my life's work because I admired my teacher whom I met when I was a veterinary student.

I am always thinking about how to make sure that the time I spend with my pet is calm and gentle, and that the pet and its family can be satisfied with the treatment they receive. As a result, we are very fortunate to receive many patients from both near and far. We are also learning the most from the patients and customers who visit us.

In recent years, due to the expansion of social networking services, there is a lot of inaccurate information about animal health, and owners often take this information for granted. We believe it is very important that the new field of fresh food is made by professionals who know both the clinical field and professional knowledge.

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