Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Yukihiro Aoki
Animal Hospital Shinkeido (
Hitachinaka City, Ibaraki Prefecture)

The environment in which pets are kept and the diseases they suffer from have changed dramatically since I started my practice 35 years ago. Most cats and dogs, large and small, are now kept indoors, and their diseases, such as allergies, heart disease, and cancer, have become similar to those of humans. Pets are also firmly a part of the family. Specialized knowledge is becoming more and more necessary to cure illnesses. However, one person cannot specialize in all departments. Therefore, teamwork is required for treatment. Therefore, we aim to be a hospital where gentle staff who understand the feelings of animals can utilize their specialized knowledge, work as a team to treat difficult cases, and choose the best treatment for each pet together with its owner.

As pets have become a part of the family, more and more pet owners are concerned about the transparency of raw materials and information. We believe that Buddy FOOD, with its commitment to safety and security from raw materials to production, and the balance of a comprehensive nutritional diet, is a recommended choice for such owners.

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