Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Atsushi Hirakawa
Pet Clinic Hallelujah, Kasuya Hospital ( Fukuoka, Japan)

Pets are also important members of the family.
At our hospital, we strive to provide kindness and easy-to-understand explanations. We do not force treatment methods on pet owners, but rather work together with them to determine what is most important for their afflicted pets.
Veterinarians from four hospitals in Fukuoka Prefecture work together to come up with better treatment methods. In addition, in order to constantly acquire new knowledge and provide cutting-edge veterinary care, we strive to gain specialized knowledge by actively participating in and presenting at many research groups and academic conferences. We aim to create a hospital that makes owners feel "glad to have come to our hospital.

Animals are unable to tell us about changes in their physical condition. At our hospital, we are committed to detecting signs of illness before symptoms appear and nipping illness in the bud at an early stage through regular health checkups and assessments. In addition to health checkups, it is also very important to maintain a healthy body by feeding your pet the right diet on a regular basis, and fresh, nutritionally balanced food like Buddy FOOD is a new option for pet owners looking for a better diet.

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