Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Yasuka Imataka
Matsumiya Animal Hospital (
Kochi, Kochi)

At Matsumiya Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to the following four principles: providing medical care that is close to our hearts, providing a veterinary hospital that is easy to visit, emphasizing preventive care, and providing an excellent treatment environment. We present a variety of treatment options, discuss them thoroughly with owners, and help them choose the best treatment for their precious family animals. A good tasting, nutritious diet that is well adapted to life stages is essential for the prevention of disease and for the enjoyment of every day life.

While there are many different food options available, more and more owners are requesting fresh food. Until now, we have had trouble finding fresh food that we could introduce to them, but Buddy FOOD is developed and marketed by a veterinarian who specializes in nutritional science, so we can introduce it to them with confidence. The ingredients and recipes are so good that even people can enjoy the food, and that is another point we can recommend Buddy FOOD.

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