Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Ken Izumiya
Mac Animal Hospital (
Osaka, Osaka)

Mac Animal Hospital is a veterinary hospital located near Higashisumiyoshi, Hirano, Sumiyoshi, and Abeno wards in Osaka Prefecture. With the motto of "Cherish the bond with animals", we help animals to live a healthy life as a member of your family. We place great importance on understanding the unspoken thoughts and feelings of animals, anticipate them, and reflect them in our treatment in order to detect and prevent diseases in their early stages. We also strive to provide compassionate care to all animals and their families to relieve their anxiety and provide them with peace of mind. We will consider the best treatment based on communication with the owner and the environment in which the animal is being raised.

We have been focusing on the importance of diet since early on, and through communication with DC one dish, we learned about Buddy FOOD, which the company helped develop. As a veterinarian, I place great importance on the reliability of a product, including its nutritional balance and production process, when recommending it to pet owners, and Buddy FOOD shows a strong commitment to producing a good product that I can introduce to them with confidence.

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