Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Kazuhito Kodama
Kodama Animal Hospital ( Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Kodama Animal Hospital was opened in 1997. Since then, we have been striving to improve our knowledge and skills as a specialized veterinary hospital to meet the various needs of pet owners for medical care for their companion animals as members of the family, while keeping our basic focus on community veterinary medicine. Currently, in addition to general medical care such as surgery, internal medicine, dentistry, and dermatology, we also provide diagnosis and treatment in specialized medical fields such as oncology and surgery by veterinarians who are certified veterinary oncologists I. We also strive to alleviate the physical and mental suffering of animals and their owners and realize a comfortable environment for recuperation. In cooperation with veterinary medical institutions in and outside of the prefecture, we also provide referrals to advanced medical facilities and accept second opinion outpatients. Through participation in study groups, academic conferences, and seminars, we are constantly striving to learn from veterinary medicine in the field, so that we can provide high-quality veterinary care.

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