Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Junko Haraguchi
Karen Animal Hospital ( Kagoshima, Japan)

In order to support the health of animals who cannot speak, we strive to provide precise medical guidelines and techniques as well as stress-free hospitality with the motto of "with a heart as if it were your own family" while valuing "kindness" and "trust" so that you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. We are specialized in cardiology that can deal with heart diseases, and provide a wide range of treatments from general internal medicine to surgery.

We focus on medical treatment with an emphasis on "disease prevention" to reduce the risk of disease before it occurs. It is very important to be aware of prevention of disease "before" rather than "after" it occurs. By learning about the risk of disease and taking preventive measures while the animal is young, the probability of a long life for the animal increases dramatically. For this reason, cooperation between veterinarians and owners is very important, and we urge owners to consider regular health checkups. In addition, just as with humans, it is very important for disease prevention to ensure that animals are well nourished through their regular diet. We hope that Buddy FOOD will be one of such options for animals that love to eat, enjoy mealtime, and are well nourished.

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