Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Dai Shimada
Ibukino Animal Hospital ( Izumi, Osaka)

We practice high quality treatment from the standpoint of both owners and animals, and we are always happy to hear our patients say, "I'm glad I consulted with you. I want to go there again. Our goal is to be a veterinary hospital that makes you feel "I am glad I consulted with you" and "I want to go back again". To this end, we strive to (1) provide evidence-based treatment, (2) ensure informed consent, (3) provide team medicine that takes advantage of each specialty, and (4) proactively absorb and practice the latest in veterinary medicine. We believe that animal medical care cannot be achieved without the cooperation and understanding of owners. We would like to work as a team with the owners and ourselves to provide treatment in a three-pronged manner.

We have received an increasing number of inquiries about food, and we believe that it is very important to build a healthy body on a regular basis from the viewpoint of prevention of illnesses and diseases. We believe that Buddy FOOD is a safe food that meets nutritional standards.

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