Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Shiro Muranaka
Hiroo Veterinary Hospital ( Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Chairman, Tokyo Veterinary Medical Association
Vice President, Japan Veterinary Medical Association

I believe that the root of veterinary medicine is the relationship of trust between the provider (medical staff) and the recipient (owner and animal). If there is no trust between the two, no matter how good the medical care provided, the animals will not be happy.

Think back to when you were a child. When you had a stomach ache, did you ever feel relief from the pain just by having your mother's hand pat your stomach?
At my hospital, we aim to provide medical care that allows us to join hands with the hands extended to us by our owners with the same feeling.

Recently, a new concept called "fresh food" has begun to spread, especially in the U.S., and a trend is emerging in Japan to feed your dog fresh food.

In Japan, however, we need to be careful to ensure that the nutritional value of a dog's food is based on scientific evidence, and that the ingredients
preparation of the food are good for the dog's health.
We hope that Buddy FOOD will become more widely available in Japan in the future.

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