Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Takashi Higo
Chuo Aiken Hospital (
Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

The development of small animal medicine in recent years has been remarkable, but access to more advanced medical care is still limited to urban areas, especially the Tokyo metropolitan area. Therefore, there is an urgent need for earlier detection of diseases and more appropriate veterinary care in rural areas as well.

In order to achieve these goals, we will introduce the latest examination and medical equipment to realize early detection of various diseases. In addition, by setting up a counseling room, we provide detailed explanations and guidance.
Furthermore, we are striving to notice changes at an early stage by proactively conducting periodic examinations.

In addition to periodic examinations, it is obvious that diet is important for living creatures, and we are committed to recommending a diet that is nutritious and suited for pets. Buddy FOOD is a new option for pet owners.

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