Testimonials from Partner Veterinary Hospitals

Dr. Taizo Tanaka,
Aoba Pet Clinic (
Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture)

The most difficult thing for both humans and their beloved pets when something goes wrong is that they do not know where to turn for help. At "Aoba Pet Clinic" located in Tachibanadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, we aim to be a veterinary clinic where you can come and feel "all is well! Our goal is to be a veterinary clinic where you can feel that "if you come here, you will be fine! We take the time to carefully examine your pet by palpation so that we do not miss the slightest change. We also focus on preventing dental and skin diseases so that we can detect and treat them early. We also place great importance on creating an atmosphere in which you can come in casually.

Until now, homemade food has been the main option for feeding fresh food to dogs, but as a veterinarian, I could not actively recommend it because of the risk of unbalanced nutritional value of homemade food. I believe that Buddy FOOD, with its freshness and nutritional value, will become a new option for dog lovers.

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