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Interview with
Shimozono Satsuo Shoten Co.

Buddy FOOD 03 Mackerel, the main raw material for mackerel, is landed in Kagoshima, mainly at Akune Port, one of the leading fishing ports in Kagoshima Prefecture. We interviewed Mr. Masahiro Shimozono, president of the company.

Shimozono Satsuo Shoten Kawauchi Factory

Q Please tell us about Shimozono Satsuo Shoten Co.

A My grandfather, Satsuo, founded the company in 1939. We started out by making dried sardine rounds. I joined the company after graduating from an IT company where I worked as a web developer, and after working for a marine products trading company. I made the decision to join this company because I felt a sense of mission: I want as many people as possible to enjoy Kagoshima's marine resources, and I want to connect what I have inherited since my grandfather's time.

President Masahiro Shimozono

Originally, the company focused on dried sardine, but after assuming his position, he began handling mackerel and developing processed foods. Our "Tabisuru Maruboshi" (dried sardines marinated in oil) and "Yaki Shrimp Hot Sauce" are now popular products that can be found at Kagoshima Airport and various other sales outlets, and we are grateful to have been awarded the Emperor's Cup.

Q. What are your specialties in production?

A. We always purchase our products from the port of Akune in Kagoshima Prefecture, and we always see the products with our own eyes, so we can be sure that we are purchasing the right products. Processing is also carried out at a plant that complies with food processing plant hygiene standards, so we are confident in the safety of our products. Our main customers are supermarkets and co-ops.

Landing at the port of Akune

Work at the company's factory

Q Please tell us about the sesame mackerel used in Buddy FOOD.

A We select high-quality sesame mackerel caught mainly at Akune Port for use in the Buddy FOOD mackerel recipe. Among mackerel, sesame mackerel is healthy and has less fat, but Kagoshima sesame mackerel has even less fat, making it the perfect food for your dog.

Landed sesame mackerel

Q. What are your future goals?

A My personal dream is to develop anchovies made from urume sardines and exhibit them at the food festival "Gorozalia. My dream is to become the world's best anchovy official. For now, however, I want to fulfill my mission as a manager to further expand Kagoshima's wonderful fishery resources. When I think about it, I must make the company a place where people gather. I believe that by continuing to do the obvious but often forgotten things such as presenting the company's philosophy and direction clearly, sharing it with all employees, and taking good care of the employees who work with us, we will attract employees who share our philosophy. We have been able to hire new graduates and mid-career employees with chef experience since 6 years ago, and this has allowed us to develop new products and new businesses. Many of our employees are proactive about new initiatives, and following the opening of our sardine building business in Akune in 2017, we plan to open another in Makurazaki, and we hope to further accelerate the development of products using ingredients from Southern Kyushu.

Q Please give a message to Buddy FOOD customers.

A I myself have been living with dogs since I was in elementary school, and now I live with a toy poodle. I feel that because canines cannot choose their own food, their owners need to make the right choices for them. Because they cannot speak, I feel that I have a greater responsibility to "think of the owner" than I do with my own children. When I first heard about Buddycare, I remember feeling a great deal of empathy for the company's desire to not only provide food, but also to get to know the dog properly and provide food that is suited to the dog. By deepening communication with your dog through food, you should be able to learn more about your dog. By doing so, I believe that we will be able to deepen our love for them even more.

President Shimozono, with Buddycare's Harada and Nagai

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