long interview

  • Quality Meat Co.
    Long Interview

    We interviewed Mr. Tashiro, Director and General Manager of Quality Meat Corporation, which procures Buddy FOOD's pork thighs.

  • Nagasato Corporation
    Long Interview

    We interviewed Mr. Nagasato, president of Nagasato Corporation, the supplier of Buddy FOOD's sweet potatoes, okra, pumpkins, and shiitake mushrooms.

  • Atus Foods Co.
    Long Interview

    Buddy FOOD is produced by Athos Foods, a food manufacturing company in Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture. We interviewed Mr. Odawara, President, Mr. Kimura, Executive Officer, and Mr. Futaki, General Manager of the President's Office.

  • Yoshinaga Farm
    Long Interview

    Buddy FOOD 02 We interviewed Mr. Yoshinaga, the representative of Yoshinaga Farm, who produces okra that adds greenery to chicken meat.

  • Niku-no-Moriya
    Mori Farm
    Long Interview

    Buddy FOOD 01 Wagyu, which Buddy F OOD plans to launch in December 2021, will be made with black Wagyu beef from the best butcher in Southern Kyushu, NIKU NO MORIYA Co. We interviewed Mr. Moromugi, manager of Moriya's Nishi-Sengoku branch, and Mr. Kawakami of Mori Farm Farm, where Moriya raises its Wagyu beef.

  • Shimozono Satsuo Shoten
    Long Interview

    Mackerel, the main ingredient of Buddy FOOD 03 Mackerel, is landed in Kagoshima, mainly at Akune Port, one of the leading fishing ports in Kagoshima Prefecture. We interviewed Mr. Masahiro Shimozono, president of the company.

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