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A voice from Nagasato Inc.
(Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Until I was 50 years old, I worked as a salaried worker at a wholesale market in Kagoshima, but I established our company to become a company with a firm coordinating function, uniting contract farmers and connecting them to those who need vegetables. Our philosophy is "consistency of thought. Since we do not purchase and sell vegetables in large quantities, we only ask those who can put their heart and soul into growing vegetables to become our contract farmers. We also try to meet the needs of supermarkets and retailers who "want to see the face of the producer and grower. In this way, we believe that we can connect the producer's thoughts with those of the sales destination and deliver those thoughts to the consumer.

Currently, we deal with vegetables from 14 contract farmers, but we only make contracts with those who are pleasant and careful in their work. We want to work with farmers who can produce vegetables with their whole heart from the viewpoint of "consistency of thought. A person's attitude toward vegetable production can be clearly seen in his/her field. The careful workmanship can be seen in the cleanliness of the field, the shape of the shipment, the way the work is completed, and many other things.

Having lived with a Border Collie myself, I understand very well the feelings of dog owners who think about their beloved dogs. As a producer, of course I want to produce and provide the best tasting vegetables possible, but through consistency of thought, I also hope to deliver safety and peace of mind, even though they may be tasteless and odorless.

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President Nagasato Nagasato

With President Nagasato

Both at Nagasato's office

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