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Voice from Quality Meat Corporation
oshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Quality Meat Corporation is a company in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, where the entire group is engaged in integrated operations from pig production to processing and sales. The company is thoroughly committed to hygiene and temperature control. The entire facility has acquired ISO 22000 certification for hygiene management, and we strive to maintain a hygienic work environment by creating lines that prevent any contact with the outside air from receiving to shipping, and by managing staff hygiene conditions. In addition, we maintain the temperature of the meat at 3 degrees Celsius or lower by keeping the meat in the line by working quickly to control the temperature, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria. The skilled processing techniques of our staff (some of whom have been with the company for over 20 years!) ), this short processing time is possible. These strict hygiene and temperature controls allow our products to have a shelf life of two weeks, as opposed to the typical shelf life of 10 days.

The main* pork leg used in Buddy FOOD is "Sweet Mature Pork Nangoku Sweet" from Kagoshima Prefecture. The characteristic of Sweet Mature Pork Nangoku Sweet is the way it is raised. The pigs are raised on low-protein feed for a longer period of time than usual (7 months, usually 6 months). The pigs are raised slowly over a longer period than usual (seven months, usually six months) on low-protein feed, which reduces the load on the pigs, deepens their flavor, and suppresses their fat content. The pigs are raised in the "top standard" size, which is considered to have the best meat quality, and pineapple lees are added to the feed to give the pigs a strong sweetness and aroma. We also use Kagoshima white pigs, which are characterized by their low fat content.

The meat used in Buddy FOOD, like all of our products, is the exact same meat that people eat. Naturally, the meat is safe and tasty for human consumption. Our staff works very hard to produce this meat, so please feel free to feed it to them!

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Mr. Tashiro, Director and General Manager of Quality Meat

Mr. Tashiro, General Manager of Quality Meat, and Buddycare Harada

Both at Quality Meat's office

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