Voices of our friends

Voice from Atus Foods Corporation
(Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan)

We manufacture and sell a wide range of food products, including meat and fish products, vegetables, ice cream, and confectionery. Kagoshima Prefecture has wonderful agricultural, livestock, and fishery products, and as a food processing company, we hope to play a role like a hub for the agricultural, livestock, and fishery industries in Kagoshima. We have been manufacturing mainly foods for people, so this project for dogs was a new initiative for us, but when we saw Buddycare's desire to "give dogs the same food happiness as their families," we thought we would like to work together with them on this project.
I believe there are two kinds of "joy of food. The first is to enjoy the taste of food for oneself. The second is to be happy when you feed it to others and see them enjoy it. I think that the pleasure of seeing others enjoy the food may be greater than my own "deliciousness. I would be very happy if I could bring such joy to pet owners through Buddy FOOD.

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President Odawara (center) of Athos Foods

Mr. Kimura, Executive Officer of Atos Foods, and Mr. Niki, General Manager of the President's Office (second and third from the right, respectively)

Both at the headquarters of Athos Foods

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