Voices of our friends

Comments from Yoshinaga Farm
(Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

We produce sweet potatoes, okra, and many other kinds of vegetables on our 9-hectare vegetable farm. My children used to call me "the enemy of children" (laughs), but now they eat them with relish.
Of course, the desire to produce delicious vegetables is the foundation, but in addition to that, I think it is important to continue to do what needs to be done, to think about what needs to be done, and to do it properly, in an honest way. My farm uses less than one-third of the amount of pesticides used by most farmers, and this is the result of trial and error in order to continuously produce good products. Through soil analysis, we correctly assess the condition of the soil and correctly determine what measures are necessary. By doing so, we can narrow down the areas where pesticides must be used, thereby reducing the amount of pesticide usage to the bare minimum.
As a person involved in the food industry, I understand the importance of food for health, and I feel very happy that through Buddy FOOD, people can eat the vegetables I grow for their precious families.

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Oyasai Marche" operated by the farm

Mr. Yoshinaga (left)

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