Voices of our friends

  • Voice from Quality Meat Corporation

    We are engaged in an integrated process from production to processing of pigs in Kagoshima Prefecture. We are thoroughly concerned with hygiene and temperature control. We have acquired ISO 22000 certification for hygiene management for the entire facility, and we strive to maintain a hygienic work site by creating lines that are not exposed to outside air from receiving to shipping, and by managing the hygiene conditions of staff. In addition, we maintain the temperature of the meat at 3 degrees Celsius or lower by keeping the meat in the line by working quickly to control the temperature, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria. The skilled processing techniques of our staff (some of whom have been with the company for over 20 years!) ), this short processing time is possible. These strict hygiene and temperature controls allow our products to have a shelf life of two weeks, as opposed to the typical shelf life of 10 days. The main* pork leg used in Buddy FOOD is "Sweet Mature Pork Nangoku Sweet" from Kagoshima Prefecture. The characteristic of Sweet Mature Pork Nangoku Sweet is the way it is raised. The pigs are raised on low-protein feed for a longer period of time than usual (7 months, usually 6 months). The pigs are raised slowly over a longer period than usual (seven months, usually six months) on low-protein feed, which reduces the load on the pigs, deepens their flavor, and suppresses their fat content. The pigs are raised in the "top standard" size, which is considered to have the best meat quality, and pineapple lees are added to the feed to give the pigs a strong sweetness and aroma. We also use Kagoshima white pigs, which are characterized by their low fat content. The meat used in Buddy FOOD, like all of our products, is the exact same meat that people eat. Naturally, the meat is safe and tasty for human consumption. Our staff works very hard to produce it, so please feel free to feed it to them!

  • Testimonial from Atus Foods Corporation
    (Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan)

    We manufacture and sell a wide range of food products, including meat and fish products, vegetables, ice cream, and confectionery. Kagoshima Prefecture has wonderful agricultural, livestock, and fishery products, and as a food processing company, we hope to play a role like a hub for the agricultural, livestock, and fishery industries in Kagoshima. We have been manufacturing mainly foods for people, so this project for dogs was a new initiative for us, but when we saw Buddycare's desire to "give dogs the same food happiness as their families," we thought we would like to work together with them on this project.

    I believe there are two kinds of "joy of food. The first is to enjoy the taste of food for oneself. The second is to be happy when you feed it to others and see them enjoy it. I think that the pleasure of seeing others enjoy the food may be greater than my own "deliciousness. I would be very happy if I could bring such joy to pet owners through Buddy FOOD.

  • Voice from Nagasato Inc.
    (Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

    Until the age of 50, I worked as a salaried worker at a wholesale market in Kagoshima. I established our company to become a company with a firm coordinating function, uniting contract farmers and connecting them to those who need vegetables. Our philosophy is "consistency of thought. Since we do not purchase and sell vegetables in large quantities, we only ask those who can put their heart and soul into growing vegetables to become our contract farmers. We also try to meet the needs of supermarkets and retailers who "want to see the face of the producer and grower. In this way, we believe that we can connect the producer's thoughts with those of the sales destination and deliver those thoughts to the consumer.

  • Voice from Yoshinaga Farm
    (Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

    We produce sweet potatoes, okra, and many other kinds of vegetables on our 9-hectare vegetable farm. My children used to call me "the enemy of children" (laughs), but now they eat them with relish.
    Of course, the desire to produce delicious vegetables is the foundation, but in addition to that, I think it is important to continue to do what needs to be done, to think about what needs to be done, and to do it properly, in an honest way. My farm uses less than one-third of the amount of pesticides used by most farmers, and this is the result of trial and error in order to continuously produce good products. Through soil analysis, we correctly assess the condition of the soil and correctly determine what measures are necessary. By doing so, we can narrow down the areas where pesticides must be used, thereby reducing the amount of pesticide usage to the bare minimum.
    As a person involved in the food industry, I understand the importance of food for health, and through Buddy FOOD, I feel very happy that you can eat the vegetables I grow for your precious family.

  • Voice from Shimozono Satsuo Shoten Corporation
    (Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

    I took over the seafood processing company founded by my grandfather in 1939, with the desire to make Kagoshima's marine resources available to as many people as possible. In recent years, thanks to the support of our customers, we have been awarded the Emperor's Cup at the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Festival for our new bottled product, "Tabisuru Maruboshi".
    The sesame mackerel for Buddy FOOD is landed at the port of Akune in Kagoshima Prefecture, and we see it with our own eyes so that we can provide you with the best quality. Kagoshima sesame mackerel has less fat and is the best food for dogs.
    I myself have lived with my dog all my life. I felt a great deal of empathy for Buddycare's desire to not only provide food, but also to get to know my dog and provide food that is suited to him. I believe that through food, we will be able to deepen communication with our dogs and, more importantly, deepen our love for them.

  • Niku-no-Moriya Ltd. and Mori Farm
    (Kihoku-cho, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

    As one of the leading producers of black Wagyu beef in Southern Kyushu, shipping 2,500 head of cattle annually, we remain committed to providing you with safe and secure beef.
    Buddy FOOD is made with meat from Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, or Okinawa Wagyu beef. All of them are top-quality Wagyu beef that we raise with great care and pride.
    When I heard that Buddy FOOD would be made with safe and secure ingredients from Kagoshima and other parts of Kyushu, I felt a great deal of sympathy for the concept and philosophy of the company. In addition, we agreed with their spirit of spreading their wings from Kagoshima to the rest of Japan, and decided to cooperate in the form of providing meat. We are very proud that our meat is absolutely safe and tasty for your dogs. We would like to convey the message that Buddy FOOD, including our meat, is made from quality ingredients.

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