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Tokyo, Japan - Mr. I -
Kuu (Maltiva, 6 years old

Q. What made you decide to purchase Buddy FOOD?

A. I used to make homemade food when I was thinking about dieting, but I was concerned about the nutritional balance. Buddy FOOD was designed with a veterinarian who specializes in nutritional science, so I was assured of that, and I have never seen a food that is so particular about its ingredients and information disclosure. I have never seen a food that is so particular about ingredients and information disclosure. I would like to continue this product for a long time, as food is the basis of health building for both humans and dogs.

Q. How do you feel after switching to Buddy FOOD?

A. Sora has a picky eater, so it was difficult for me to feed him dry food because he would not eat it or would get bored with it right away even if he did eat it. I used to have to stay with him for several minutes to feed him the toppings and other things because I wanted him to finish his food before I went to work. It is a happy time for me to see them happily eating their food at each meal. I am looking forward to seeing another recipe being developed in the future.

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