Users' Voices

Mr. I, Tochigi, Japan,
Muu-chan (Toy poodle, 2 years old)

Q. What made you decide to purchase Buddy FOOD?

A. I had researched hard about food, and even though I thought this was a safe food that I could feed him, he was not eating well and did not seem to be happy at mealtime. That's when I heard about Buddy FOOD and thought, "This is it!

Q. How do you feel after switching to Buddy FOOD?

A. He used to have a lot of stool for a small dog, but after switching to Buddy FOOD, his stool volume became average! I also feel that the tear stains are getting better little by little. I am looking forward to more changes in the future! And the most impressive thing is that he eats it more happily than dry food! I want mealtime to always be a happy and enjoyable time, so I'm really glad I found Buddy FOOD!

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