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Tokyo, Japan Mr. A.
Fuji (Shiba dog, 3 years old

Q. What made you decide to purchase Buddy FOOD?

A. My Fuji was always itching and scratching after a while after eating dry food, and his hair was falling out on his thighs. We had seen several veterinarians, but could not pinpoint the cause. I had changed to homemade food before, and there was a time when the symptoms lessened, but I was worried about whether I could get the necessary nutrition, as well as the time and effort required to prepare homemade food, so I had no choice but to go back to dry food again.

Q. How is your reaction to the change to Buddy FOOD?

A. It has been about two weeks since I started feeding Buddy FOOD. He is no longer itchy and his fur has started to grow back little by little, which is the most exciting thing for me as a pet owner. I also appreciate the fact that the food is delivered in regular portions (due to refrigerator space issues...) rather than a month's worth at a time.

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