Users' Voices

  • Mr. H, Hokkaido, Japan

    We have three Yorkies!
    Some are picky eaters, some are picky eaters, and some have weak intestines. #2 Chicken recipe is a great choice for large calorie content, so even my large-eating dog is happy with it. The fat content is ideal and the stools are firm and good even for a weak kitten. He used to have a hard time eating wet food alone, but now he eats Buddy FOOD's food alone.

  • Tokyo, Japan - Mr. A.

    My Fuji was always itching and scratching after eating dry food for a while, and his thighs were losing hair. We had seen several veterinarians, but we could not find the cause of the problem. In fact, there was a time when I changed to homemade food and the symptoms lessened, but I was worried about whether I could get the nutrition I needed, as well as the time and effort required to prepare homemade food, so I had no choice but to go back to dry food again.

  • Tokyo, Japan Mr. K.


    I have been very particular about their food since they were puppies, making it by hand and studying it myself, because it is a matter of their lives. There are many companies that provide food for dogs. Among them, the fact that they answered my questions properly and disclosed the origin and production of all ingredients gave me a sense of security.

  • Tokyo, Japan,

    I used to make homemade food for my dog when I was thinking about his diet, but I was worried about the nutritional balance. I felt it would be difficult to satisfy my dog's nutritional balance only with food, because it requires specialized knowledge. I have never seen a food that is so particular about ingredients and information disclosure. I would like to continue this food for a long time, as food is the basis for building good health for both humans and dogs.

  • Mr. I,
    , Tochigi Prefecture, Japan

    I was having a hard time finding a food that I thought would be safe to feed him, but he wasn't eating well and didn't seem to be happy at mealtime. That's when I heard about Buddy FOOD and decided to buy it.

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