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We provide a subscription service of delicious food for dogs with a focus on safety, nutritional balance, and transparency.
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1. safety

All ingredients, including meat and vegetables, are domestically produced, mainly in Kyushu. The food is prepared under the exact same safety and hygiene standards as human food, and no additives other than vitamins for nutritional support are used.

2. nutritional balance

Compliant with the latest AAFCO (2016), the globally known dog nutrition standard. Recipes are designed under the supervision of Japanese veterinarians specializing in nutrition, who are also knowledgeable about ingredients and dogs' situation unique in Japan.

3. ensuring transparency

We disclose the information of all ingredients, including who supply and who produce. We ensure the accuracy and transparency of information by complying with food labeling standards required for human foods.

Buddy FOOD Product Information

Recipes are made from safe domestically produced ingredients.


九州の食材を中心に、国産素材を使って 鹿児島県で調理。 黒毛和牛、鶏ささみ、豚もも、サバの 4 種類のレシピをご用意



Buddy FOODのクオリティそのままに、世界的にも珍しい機能性を持たせたフレッ シュフード。


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Vets' Voice

Kagoshima University Joint Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Professor Naoki Miura

There is still much that has not been scientifically approached in the area of improving pet dog health care (improving lifestyle habits such as daily diet and lifestyle), and information is managed in a disjointed manner. I sympathize with Buddycare 's efforts to centralize health management and link this to improved health care. Buddy FOOD is an initiative to improve the health care of pet dogs not only through safety and nutritional balance, but also by proposing recipes and amounts of food that match the dog's condition. Buddy FOOD is an initiative to improve the health care of dogs not only through safety and nutritional balance, but also by providing recipes and quantities that match the dog's condition. We would like to cooperate with the project so that we can further evolve it so that we can maximize the joy and health of pet dogs' food, which is important for people and animals to lead better lives together.


Veterinarian and pet nutritionist
Yuu Iwakiri

The age of "owning" a dog has given way to the age of "living" with a beloved dog, and awareness of animal food has also changed dramatically. The origin of pet food is how inexpensive, efficient, and healthy it is to raise dogs. Pet food, which is legally treated as a commodity, is unfortunately very far removed from human food, and the sad reality is that families who are concerned about this are weaning themselves from pet food and providing a diet that is not based on nutritional evidence, creating health problems for their dogs. As a veterinarian involved in nutrition, I believe it is our mission to establish a "new animal food field" that is nutritionally based, transparent, and sustainable. Fresh food is a new step in the field of animal food, and we hope that Buddy FOOD will help you and your family enjoy a safe and healthy diet!


Yuki Narita

As the lifestyles of canines and humans diversify, and as veterinary medicine advances and canines age, their dietary needs have become more diverse, including their preferences, food intake, and concerns. In addition, the nutritional composition of each product is unique to meet the various needs of your dog. Whether you choose a different type of food every day or stick to one type for a long time, we hope you will incorporate Buddy FOOD into your family's life in a way that suits your needs. We hope you will enjoy the nutritional composition of Buddy FOOD and its colorful meals.


Voices from Buddy FOOD family

Voice from Quality Meat Corporation

We are engaged in an integrated process from production to processing of pigs in Kagoshima Prefecture. We are thoroughly concerned with hygiene and temperature control. We have acquired ISO 22000 certification for hygiene management for the entire facility, and we strive to maintain a hygienic work site by creating lines that are not exposed to outside air from receiving to shipping, and by managing the hygiene conditions of staff. In addition, we maintain the temperature of the meat at 3 degrees Celsius or lower by keeping the meat in the line by working quickly to control the temperature, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria. The skilled processing techniques of our staff (some of whom have been with the company for over 20 years!) ), this short processing time is possible. These strict hygiene and temperature controls allow our products to have a shelf life of two weeks, as opposed to the typical shelf life of 10 days. The main* pork leg used in Buddy FOOD is "Sweet Mature Pork Nangoku Sweet" from Kagoshima Prefecture. The characteristic of Sweet Mature Pork Nangoku Sweet is the way it is raised. The pigs are raised on low-protein feed for a longer period of time than usual (7 months, usually 6 months). The pigs are raised slowly over a longer period than usual (seven months, usually six months) on low-protein feed, which reduces the load on the pigs, deepens their flavor, and suppresses their fat content. The pigs are raised in the "top standard" size, which is considered to have the best meat quality, and pineapple lees are added to the feed to give the pigs a strong sweetness and aroma. We also use Kagoshima white pigs, which are characterized by their low fat content. The meat used in Buddy FOOD, like all of our products, is the exact same meat that people eat. Naturally, the meat is safe and tasty for human consumption. Our staff works very hard to produce it, so please feel free to feed it to them!


Testimonial from Atus Foods Corporation
(Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan)

We manufacture and sell a wide range of food products, including meat and fish products, vegetables, ice cream, and confectionery. Kagoshima Prefecture has wonderful agricultural, livestock, and fishery products, and as a food processing company, we hope to play a role like a hub for the agricultural, livestock, and fishery industries in Kagoshima. We have been manufacturing mainly foods for people, so this project for dogs was a new initiative for us, but when we saw Buddycare's desire to "give dogs the same food happiness as their families," we thought we would like to work together with them on this project.

I believe there are two kinds of "joy of food. The first is to enjoy the taste of food for oneself. The second is to be happy when you feed it to others and see them enjoy it. I think that the pleasure of seeing others enjoy the food may be greater than my own "deliciousness. I would be very happy if I could bring such joy to pet owners through Buddy FOOD.


Voice from Nagasato Inc.
(Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Until the age of 50, I worked as a salaried worker at a wholesale market in Kagoshima. I established our company to become a company with a firm coordinating function, uniting contract farmers and connecting them to those who need vegetables. Our philosophy is "consistency of thought. Since we do not purchase and sell vegetables in large quantities, we only ask those who can put their heart and soul into growing vegetables to become our contract farmers. We also try to meet the needs of supermarkets and retailers who "want to see the face of the producer and grower. In this way, we believe that we can connect the producer's thoughts with those of the sales destination and deliver those thoughts to the consumer.


Voice from Yoshinaga Farm
(Satsumasendai City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

We produce sweet potatoes, okra, and many other kinds of vegetables on our 9-hectare vegetable farm. My children used to call me "the enemy of children" (laughs), but now they eat them with relish.
Of course, the desire to produce delicious vegetables is the foundation, but in addition to that, I think it is important to continue to do what needs to be done, to think about what needs to be done, and to do it properly, in an honest way. My farm uses less than one-third of the amount of pesticides used by most farmers, and this is the result of trial and error in order to continuously produce good products. Through soil analysis, we correctly assess the condition of the soil and correctly determine what measures are necessary. By doing so, we can narrow down the areas where pesticides must be used, thereby reducing the amount of pesticide usage to the bare minimum.
As a person involved in the food industry, I understand the importance of food for health, and through Buddy FOOD, I feel very happy that you can eat the vegetables I grow for your precious family.


Voice from Shimozono Satsuo Shoten Corporation
(Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

I took over the seafood processing company founded by my grandfather in 1939, with the desire to make Kagoshima's marine resources available to as many people as possible. In recent years, thanks to the support of our customers, we have been awarded the Emperor's Cup at the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Festival for our new bottled product, "Tabisuru Maruboshi".
The sesame mackerel for Buddy FOOD is landed at the port of Akune in Kagoshima Prefecture, and we see it with our own eyes so that we can provide you with the best quality. Kagoshima sesame mackerel has less fat and is the best food for dogs.
I myself have lived with my dog all my life. I felt a great deal of empathy for Buddycare's desire to not only provide food, but also to get to know my dog and provide food that is suited to him. I believe that through food, we will be able to deepen communication with our dogs and, more importantly, deepen our love for them.


Niku-no-Moriya Ltd. and Mori Farm
(Kihoku-cho, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture)

As one of the leading producers of black Wagyu beef in Southern Kyushu, shipping 2,500 head of cattle annually, we remain committed to providing you with safe and secure beef.
Buddy FOOD is made with meat from Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, or Okinawa Wagyu beef. All of them are top-quality Wagyu beef that we raise with great care and pride.
When I heard that Buddy FOOD would be made with safe and secure ingredients from Kagoshima and other parts of Kyushu, I felt a great deal of sympathy for the concept and philosophy of the company. In addition, we agreed with their spirit of spreading their wings from Kagoshima to the rest of Japan, and decided to cooperate in the form of providing meat. We are very proud that our meat is absolutely safe and tasty for your dogs. We would like to convey the message that Buddy FOOD, including our meat, is made from quality ingredients.


Voices from Partnered Animal Hospitals





Dr. Yosuke Fujishima
Ibuki Veterinary Hospital

In recent years, with the development of veterinary medicine, we have come to understand various diseases and their treatments. However, it is difficult even for family members to notice abnormalities in the bodies of animals that do not speak, so regular health checkups are important in veterinary medicine. We aim to be a veterinary hospital where healthy animals can feel free to visit. We encourage you to come to our hospital without hesitation for simple procedures such as nail clipping and ear cleaning, and to consult us about even the most trivial of matters. We will try our best to be from the owner's point of view when it comes to examinations and treatments for sick animals, and we will provide thorough explanations until all family members fully understand the situation. In addition, with the development of veterinary medicine, various food options are expanding. Buddy FOOD was developed in collaboration with a veterinarian specializing in nutritional science, and is a fresh food with a good nutritional balance and high palatability. It is a fresh food that is nutritionally balanced and highly palatable. We believe that Buddy FOOD is a good choice for patients who want to be more particular about their food.


Dr. Tsukasa Terazono
Terazono Animal Hospital

Nowadays, dogs and cats are more than just small, cute pet animals; they are a part of the family that lives together. We would like to help you to protect the health of your precious animals and bring smiles to their owners, so that they can spend meaningful time with you. In addition to improving our medical skills, we will also strive to improve our staff training and hospitality so that they will feel free to consult with us about disease prevention, daily care, and other trivial matters. Food is very important from the viewpoint of disease prevention. Buddy FOOD is a fresh food that meets the nutritional requirements of your dog and is safe in terms of ingredients and preparation, so we believe it is a food that we can recommend to patients who are looking for a better food. We believe it is a food that we can recommend to our patients who are looking for a better food.


Dr. Yoshiro Nishizono
Izumo Kandachi Animal Hospital

As a local home doctor, we strive to provide careful examinations and easy-to-understand explanations, and we are constantly striving to absorb the latest knowledge and technology in a wide range of veterinary fields, while incorporating physical examinations as well as routine health care, so that we can contribute to you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about daily care, diet, training, etc., as well as about illnesses.
However, Buddy FOOD was developed in collaboration with a veterinarian specializing in nutritional science, and is a fresh food that is safe in terms of nutritional balance and ingredients. It is a food that we recommend to those who are looking for a better food.


Dr. Hiroko Suzuki
Tsuruse Pet Clinic

Tsuruse Animal Care Center is a hospital that provides both medical and care support to help owners and the animals that live with them stay healthy. We provide mainly Western medicine, but also acupuncture, moxibustion, Chinese medicine, homotoxicology, massage, and other treatments that are less stressful on the body. We hope to contribute to the local community in any way we can by providing clear and detailed explanations and animal-friendly medical care, while always trying to examine our patients from the perspective of both owners and animals.


Dr. Dai Shimada
Ibukino Animal Hospital

We practice high quality treatment from the standpoint of both owners and animals, and we are always pleased to hear our customers say, "I'm glad I consulted with you. I want to go there again. Our goal is to be a veterinary hospital that makes you feel "glad I consulted with you" and "want to go back again". We believe that veterinary medicine cannot be achieved without the cooperation and understanding of owners. We would like to work as a team with the owners and ourselves to provide treatment in a three-pronged manner. We have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about food, and we believe that it is very important to build a healthy body on a regular basis from the viewpoint of prevention of illnesses and diseases. We believe that a safe food that meets nutritional standards, like Buddy FOOD, is an option for pet owners.


Dr. Saki Hashimoto
Saki Animal Hospital

Our hospital aims to save animals suffering from illnesses and provide emotional support to everyone. To achieve this, we believe it is important to have a strong attitude of always pursuing the latest and best medical treatment and to treat animals and their owners with kindness. We especially focus on oncology, dentistry, dermatology, and nutritional guidance.

Buddy FOOD was developed in collaboration with a veterinarian specializing in nutrition and has been confirmed by an external analytical laboratory to be in compliance with AAFCO 2016 standards. We believe that Buddy FOOD is a recommended choice for those who are concerned about safe food and want to choose food with evidence.


Dr. Yukihiro Aoki
Animal Hospital Shinkeido

In the past 35 years, diseases such as allergies, heart disease, and cancer have become similar to those of humans. Pets are also firmly part of the family. Specialized knowledge is increasingly needed to cure diseases. At Shinkeido, we aim to be a hospital where gentle staff who understand the feelings of animals can utilize their specialized knowledge, work as a team to treat difficult cases, and choose the best treatment for the pet together with its owner.

We believe that Buddy FOOD, which is safe and secure from raw materials to production and has the balance of a comprehensive nutritional diet, is a recommended choice for pet owners who care for their pets as members of the family.


Dr. Kazuhito Kodama
Kodama Animal Hospital

Kodama Animal Hospital was established in 1997. Since then, we have been striving to improve our knowledge and skills as a specialized veterinary hospital to meet the various needs of owners for medical care for their companion animals as members of the family, while keeping our basic focus on community veterinary medicine. Through participation in study groups, conferences, and seminars, we are constantly striving to learn from veterinary medicine in the field, so that we can provide high quality veterinary care.

We feel it is very important to offer a variety of options to pet owners. As the relationship between pet and owner becomes more family oriented, more and more people are seeking better food, and we believe that new forms of food such as Buddy FOOD are very important as an option.


Dr. Atsushi Hirakawa
Pet Clinic Hallelujah, Kasuya Hospital

Pets are also important members of the family. At our hospital, we strive to provide kindness and easy-to-understand explanations. We do not force treatment methods on pet owners, but rather work with them to determine what is most important for their afflicted pets. Veterinarians from four hospitals in Fukuoka Prefecture work together to come up with better treatment methods. In addition, in order to constantly acquire new knowledge and provide cutting-edge veterinary care, we strive to gain specialized knowledge by actively participating in and presenting at many research groups and academic conferences. We aim to create a hospital that makes pet owners feel "glad to have come to our hospital.

It is also very important to maintain a healthy body by feeding each pet a proper diet, and fresh, nutritionally balanced food such as Buddy FOOD is a new option for pet owners looking for a better diet.


Dr. Ken Izumiya
Mac Animal Hospital

Mac Animal Hospital is a veterinary hospital located near Higashisumiyoshi, Hirano, Sumiyoshi, and Abeno wards in Osaka Prefecture. With the motto of "Cherish the bond with animals", we help animals to live a healthy life as a member of the family. We place great importance on understanding the unspoken thoughts and feelings of animals, anticipate them, and reflect them in our treatment in order to detect and prevent diseases in their early stages. We also strive to provide compassionate care to all animals and their families to relieve their anxiety and provide them with peace of mind. We will consider the best treatment based on communication with the owner and the environment in which the animal is being raised.

We have been focusing on the importance of diet since early on, and through communication with DC one dish, we learned about Buddy FOOD, which the company helped develop. As a veterinarian, I place great importance on the reliability of a product, including its nutritional balance and production method, when recommending it to pet owners, and Buddy FOOD shows a strong commitment to producing a good product that I can introduce to them with confidence.


Dr. Yasuka Imataka
Matsumiya Veterinary Hospital

We help protect the happiness of your precious family members. To this end, we are committed to the following four principles in our daily medical practice: a medical practice that is close to the heart, a veterinary hospital that is easy to visit, an emphasis on preventive care, and a fulfilling treatment environment. We present a variety of treatment options, discuss them thoroughly with owners, and help them choose the best treatment for their precious family animals.

Animals are unable to speak and often have to endure poor health. We believe that it is important to prevent illnesses from occurring and to detect and treat illnesses as early as possible, rather than treating them as soon as we find them. We strive to communicate the importance of proper prevention and health checkups so that owners and their precious family animals can spend a longer and more fulfilling time together.

As a veterinarian, I have been unable to find a fresh food that I can introduce with confidence, and I have been unable to provide a good answer to owners' requests for fresh food. I think we have found a product that we can introduce to our customers for the first time. It is good that there are more options for pet owners.


Dr. Shiro Muranaka
Hiroo Veterinary Hospital
Chairman, Tokyo Veterinary Medical Association
Vice President, Japan Veterinary Medical Association

I believe that the root of veterinary medicine is the relationship of trust between the provider (medical staff) and the recipient (owner and animal). If there is no trust between the two, no matter how good the medical care provided, the animals will not be happy.

Think back to when you were a child. When you had a stomach ache, did you ever feel relief from the pain just by having your mother's hand pat your stomach?
At my hospital, we aim to provide medical care that allows us to join hands with the hands extended to us by our owners with the same feelings.

Recently, a new concept called "fresh food" has begun to spread, especially in the U.S., and a trend is emerging in Japan to feed your dog fresh food.

In Japan, however, we need to be careful to ensure that the nutritional value of a dog's food is based on scientific evidence, and that the ingredients
preparation of the food are good for the dog's health.
I hope that Buddy FOOD will spread further in Japan in the future.


Dr. Takashi Higo
Chuo Aiken Hospital

The development of small animal medicine in recent years has been remarkable, but access to more advanced medical care is still limited to urban areas centered on the Tokyo metropolitan area. Therefore, there is an urgent need for earlier detection of diseases and more appropriate veterinary care in rural areas as well.

In order to achieve these goals, we will introduce the latest examination and medical equipment to realize early detection of various diseases. In addition, by setting up a counseling room, we provide detailed explanations and guidance.
Furthermore, we strive to notice changes at an early stage by proactively conducting periodic examinations.

In addition to periodic examinations, it is obvious that diet is important for living creatures, and we are committed to recommending a diet that is nutritious and suited to your pet. Fresh food such as Buddy FOOD is a new option we recommend to pet owners.


Dr. Hiroyuki Takahashi
Murasakibara Animal Hospital

Our goal is to become a core hospital in the community by providing 1.5 tertiary care, which means primary care (preventive care such as filaria, flea and tick prevention, spay/neuter, physical examinations, pet checkups, general medicine and surgery) as well as more advanced veterinary care and treatment as provided by a family doctor. We also provide more advanced veterinary care and treatment. We also strive to provide better veterinary care in cooperation with secondary care facilities such as the Kagoshima University Joint Veterinary School Veterinary Hospital. We also place emphasis on dealing with the various events that accompany the aging of companion animals. We will discuss what is best for the animals and their owners and provide the best treatment.


Dr. Katsuyuki Mizuguchi
Mikumari Animal Hospital

When I was in elementary school, I started to become a veterinarian because I wanted to keep animals and cure their diseases. However, as I studied and gained experience in veterinary medicine through my university life and working life, I realized that being a veterinarian is not only about medical care (treatment), but also a profession that allows me to be involved with animals and their owners in a wide range of areas, and I became even more attracted to it. As my life's work, I would like to create a hospital that does not limit itself to only one field of medical treatment, but that never forgets to advance and update itself. With this in mind, Mikumari Animal Hospital has a system in place to provide consultation on any matter, including not only treatment of illness and injury, but also training, care, and food selection.

Since I also live with my dog, I have been looking for a good food for many years, but I could not find a satisfactory product. Buddy FOOD is a product that satisfies me as both a veterinarian and a dog lover in terms of nutrition and ingredients. I hope that more and more dogs will eat nutritionally balanced and transparent rice like Buddy FOOD.


Dr. Takahiro Kawabata
Kawabata Animal Medical Center

Since the opening of our clinic in 2002, we have been providing daily medical care under the motto "Aiming to be a veterinary hospital that is friendly to both people and animals. We hope to continue to provide medical care that is friendly to both animals and their owners. We are striving to provide more advanced veterinary care by introducing the latest medical equipment, including the first CT system in a private veterinary hospital in Kagoshima Prefecture, a positive pressure ventilation system for surgery in a cleaner environment, an ICU unit for hospitalization of critically ill patients, and blood testing equipment. In addition, we are strongly aware of the importance of unaffected and early detection of diseases, and have a system in place to provide a wide range of health checkups, including CT imaging diagnosis. /p>


Dr. Yuko Kataoka
Kameyama Animal Medical Center

The mission of Kameyama Veterinary Medical Center is "to build a better relationship between people and animals through medical care. Since veterinary medicine is advancing day by day, we are always studying to provide the most advanced medical care. On the other hand, while treatment is important for diseases, prevention is also important. We believe that early detection and early treatment of diseases are important for pets' healthy life and to reduce the burden of treatment on pet owners. We focus on health checkups so that we can respond flexibly according to the time of year, the age of the pet, and the owner's needs.


Dr. Yohei Yamaguchi
Iroha Animal Clinic

At Iroha Animal Clinic, we want to help owners maintain the mental and physical health of their precious family animals. We will try to provide you with easy-to-understand and detailed explanations of your dog or cat's medical condition and treatment, and suggest the best possible treatment. In the event that secondary care is required, we will collaborate with university hospitals and specialists in various fields to provide more advanced treatment and examinations. We also focus on preventive medicine and offer a variety of health checkups. The most important thing is to avoid getting sick, so please feel free to consult with us. Food is a very important factor in building a body that is less prone to illness. We are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from pet owners who are looking for a food that has a good nutritional balance and is safe in terms of ingredients. We believe that Buddy FOOD, which is made in a food factory in Kagoshima, Japan, using mainly local ingredients, is a food that can be fed to your pet with peace of mind.


Dr. Shiori Aoki
Will Animal Clinic

I have been studying Chinese medicine as my life's work since I met my former teacher when I was a veterinary student. I am always thinking about how to make the time I spend with my pet animals calm and gentle, so that they and their families can be satisfied with the treatment they receive. As a result, we are very fortunate to receive many patients from both near and far. We are also learning the most from the patients and customers who visit us.


Dr. Eiichiro Watanabe
Sunset Hills Animal Clinic, and
Azamino Animal Medical Center

The Sunset Hill Veterinary Hospital and Azamino Animal Medical Center aims to be a "spiritual center" for veterinary care in the local community. Compared to human life, the life of an animal is much too short. We will continue to be a companion to our owners so that the precious time they spend with their animals will last as long as possible, and the time they look back on as a truly happy time will last as long as possible. No matter how much medical treatment advances, what we should cherish is a "happy life. Promoting medical treatment can make life difficult. We are willing to face the owner's wishes as if they were our own, and work together to achieve the goal of "living a happy life.

Eating is the most important physiological requirement in life. Therefore, it is natural for us as a family to want our dogs to have a rich and secure diet. This is even more so because the life span of pet dogs is shorter than that of humans. We want them to eat good food and stay healthy when they are healthy. Making homemade food every day with a safe nutritional balance is a difficult task. However, even we humans can get bored with the same food for a long period of time. The fact that it is made from safe, domestically produced ingredients is also reassuring. I am looking forward to seeing the lineup of Buddy FOOD increase further in the future.


Dr. Shinya Morikawa
Morikawa Veterinary Hospital

Since our opening in 2012, we have been working to become a hospital that everyone can trust for a wide range of specialized veterinary care. We believe that the best doctor for animals is the owner. We respect owners who actively participate in the treatment of their animals, and we feel empowered when we see them do so. We take the time to explain the medical condition of the animal and select the best treatment method together with the owner. Our staff members are committed to providing warm and high quality medical care based on the following three principles: 1) to value team medicine, 2) to provide a place where owners and animals can feel at ease, and 3) to strive for the development of veterinary medicine.

The first thing that owners can do every day as their dog's best doctor is to properly manage the dog's diet. In order to provide your dog with a better diet, it needs to be a well-made food like Buddy FOOD that still meets the proper nutritional balance. We believe that this is one of the safest food options.


Dr. Rina Fukazawa
F Pet Clinic

We strive to provide medical care while taking into consideration the pet's physical condition, age, and the feelings of the pet owner. We offer a wide range of options by combining Western medicine with Oriental medicine such as acupuncture, moxibustion, and Chinese herbal medicine, so that pet owners can be calmly with their pets until the end of their lives. We would like to make our veterinary clinic such a place where pet owners can stay calmly with their pets until the end of their lives.

Some pets inevitably become agitated or nervous when they come to a veterinary hospital. For such animals, we are conscious of creating a hospital that makes them feel at ease, just like a normal home. We also try to be close to pet owners by providing easy-to-understand explanations, combining Western and Oriental medicine, offering multiple options, and explaining fees in advance.

Since diet is also important from the perspective of Oriental medicine, I also provide guidance on the correct homemade diet at my hospital, and I can safely recommend Buddy FOOD to pet owners because it is fresh and nutritionally balanced by experts.


Dr. Junko Haraguchi
Karen Animal Hospital

In order to support the health of animals who cannot speak, we strive to provide precise medical guidelines and techniques and stress-free hospitality with the motto of "with a heart as if it were your own family" while valuing "kindness" and "trust" so that you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands. We are specialized in cardiology for heart diseases and provide a wide range of treatments from general internal medicine and surgery.

We focus on medical treatment with an emphasis on "disease prevention" to reduce the risk of disease before it occurs. It is very important to be aware of prevention of disease "before" rather than "after" it occurs. By learning about the risk of disease and taking preventive measures while the animal is young, the probability of a long life for the animal increases dramatically. For this reason, cooperation between veterinarians and owners is very important, and we urge owners to consider regular health checkups. In addition, just as with humans, it is very important to ensure that animals receive adequate nutrition through their regular diet in order to prevent disease. We hope that Buddy FOOD will be one such option for animals that love food, enjoy mealtime, and are well nourished.


Dr. Taizo Tanaka
Aoba Pet Clinic

The most difficult thing for both humans and their beloved pets when something goes wrong is that they do not know where to turn for help. At "Aoba Pet Clinic" located in Tachibanadai, Aoba-ku, Yokohama, we aim to be a veterinary clinic where you can come and feel "all is well! Our goal is to be a veterinary clinic where you can feel that you are in good hands. We take the time to carefully examine your pet by palpation so that we don't miss the slightest change. We also focus on preventing dental and skin diseases so that we can detect and treat them early. We also place great importance on creating an atmosphere in which you can come in casually.

Until now, homemade food has been the main option for feeding fresh food to dogs, but as a veterinarian, I could not actively recommend it because of the risk of unbalanced nutritional value of homemade food. I believe that fresh and nutritious food like Buddy FOOD will become a new option for dog lovers.


Dr. Yasuaki Tanimura
Preventive Clinic for Pets

In recent years, human medicine has begun to focus on the prevention of disease. For this reason, it is important to check the health of your pet even when it is not sick, but in reality, people rarely visit veterinary hospitals unless they have something to do.
In order to increase opportunities to check the health status of your pet as much as possible, our hospital is a place where you can feel free to come and drop by even if you have nothing special to do.

We believe that the influence of diet on maintaining good health and preventing disease cannot be ignored, whether in humans or animals. We aim to help people in the community lead happy and joyful lives with their pets, and hope to help pet owners choose a good diet like Buddy FOOD, which satisfies a good nutritional balance.


Junichi Ikeda, President
Ikeda Animal Hospital

Ikeda Veterinary Hospital is committed to being an irreplaceable resource for pet owners and their pets, providing support in terms of both medical treatment and care.
Our veterinarians, nurses, and trimmers will make a concerted effort to provide detailed explanations and examinations with a hospitality spirit and smiling communication from the standpoint of pet owners and their pets.

We believe that just as with humans, a proper daily diet will lead to long-term health maintenance. Above all, if pets are happy to eat, their bodies and minds will be healthier. We hope that Buddy FOOD, with its appropriate nutritional value and palatability, will become an option for the future health of pets.


Dr. Ippei Higashi
IS Veterinary Hospital

At IS Veterinary Hospital, where I am the director, we aim to be a veterinary hospital that you yourself would want to visit, and we are doing our best to introduce new examination equipment and tools as much as possible so that we can detect diseases in more detail and perform safe procedures. And of course, we are also doing our best to improve the skills and update the knowledge of our veterinarians themselves.

My dream is to eliminate animals that get sick.

When I think about it, I believe that the ideal situation is for pet owners to be the family doctor for their pets.
In order for pets and owners to lead better lives, I believe it is important for owners who are closest to their pets and spend the most time with them to get better information and create a better life together with their pets. I want to be a veterinarian who can continue to provide "better information" for such owners.

Improving diet is a daily task, so I think it is exactly one of the things that pet owners can work on every day.
I believe that eating a diet like Buddy FOOD, which is nutritious, safe, and highly palatable, while healthy, will lead to a better life with your pet.


Dr. Kuratani
Kura Animal Hospital Tsutsujigaoka

In recent years, the average life expectancy of animals has been increasing due to advances in veterinary medicine and family awareness of health issues. However, this has been accompanied by an increase in the number of opportunities to deal with various diseases and problems in old age.

In this situation, it is necessary not only to treat animals that are unwell or ill, but also to prevent illnesses and recognize the signs of physical deterioration. Since changes in the condition of animals that cannot speak can be hidden in their daily lives, we believe that it is an important role of veterinary clinics to support families who spend time with their animals so that they can be aware of such changes.

Food is very important for living creatures to maintain their health. It is not easy to find a dog food that is transparent in its ingredients and preparation and has a good nutritional balance, but Buddy FOOD is a new type of dog food that satisfies these requirements and yet is fresh. The taste of the ingredients is what makes the food so appealing to dogs.


Buddy FOODのご紹介

Buddy FOOD can change

the lifestyle of your dog

Able to check food portions by entering your dog's information.

Recommend appropriate feeding amount for each dog.

Right recipes automatically delivered to your door.

Freshly made and frozen right away!

Accumulation of dogs' health data

Recommend right recipes for your dog

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